Two girls in Kimono at a Shinto shrineAluminum Studios is the website of William Milberry.  It’s been through many incarnations over the years and is currently the home for a new set of articles and blog posts I’ll be working on through 2017 primarily about Japanese language, culture, and art with a little technology thrown in.  My goal is to focus on interesting, lesser known, and difficult to find out things.

Japan is the third largest economy in the world, the 10th largest country by population (126.9 milllion people), and Japanese language is the 9th most spoken language by population.  Western culture finds Japan appealing and we can see Japanese culture sprinkled throughout the west in the forms of martial arts, anime, food (such as sushi), karaoke, and even referenced in things like the TV show American Ninja Warrior and their obstacle “Mount Midoriyama.”

Culture extends much deeper than these things though.  It’s also very subtle and not easily noticed until analyzed and explained.  I hope to shine an interesting light on some things that I learned in my studies and years living there.

Throughout 2017 you can expect to see interesting articles and posts show up here and I will be posting some of the ESL lessons I created while teaching English in Japan as well as many photos from Japan and Asia along with info. about what they contain.