Aluminum Studios Site Redesign

Aluminum Studios Site Redesign screenshots from 2000 to 2010

In the year 2000 the college that I was working for at the time politely asked me if I could move my web pages elsewhere because they were generating excessive traffic due to the growing popularity of my anime music videos.  I had been using the name Aluminum Studios for a while but it was at that time was born.

Over the years the site was home to my anime music videos (AMVs) and pages on digital video editing, then photography, and a photoblog.  Now with this redesign I plan on producing much more significant content.

Since I started the site all of those years ago I’ve learned Japanese, lived in Japan, taught English, traveled all around Asia, married a wonderful Japanese woman, worked for the government, and now work in higher education.  I’ve gained a lot of insight into Japanese and Asian culture and language and want to write and produce content about it with the same interest and zeal that drove me to do AMVs all of those years ago.

I like to create my own designs and presentation so I chose my own site as a home for this project as opposed to social media where you have no long term control over your content and censorship seems to be on the rise.

I’ll have both blog posts as well as longer articles on a variety of interesting Japan, Asia, and technology related topics.  I also plan on sharing a number of ESL lessons and worksheets I created while teach English in Japan.

This will take a little time but I plan on working steadily on it with this site redesign being the first step.  So please bookmark the site and stop back or subscribe to my RSS feed.

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One thought on “Aluminum Studios Site Redesign

  1. Is there a place I can go to be able to download all of your Sailor Moon AMVs. It will be for my own personal use as I have recently rediscovered your AMVs and do not want to lose getting to see them anytime I want.

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