Capsule Hotel Hiroshima

Capsule Hotel Hiroshima

When I went to Hiroshima two weekends ago my friend and I stayed in a “capsule” hotel. I’m sure they vary a LOT from one to the next, but this one was pretty comfortable.

You walk into a lobby with a counter and check in. They give you two keys. One is for a shoe locker right by the front door, the other is for a small locker in a locker room which is connected to a communal shower room and hot bath. It’s wasn’t unlike an on-sen (except it was artificial and not as nice.) There were vending machines, a small lounge area and numerous sinks in the locker room – basically all you need if you are traveling and need a place to freshen up, change, etc. You can use the washroom / hot bath for a small fee without staying in the hotel too.

The place was 4 floors with only a narrow stair way leading to each floor. Each floor had a bathroom and a room of capsules!

The capsules were plastic pods stacked two high. They had a sliding accordian door which you could lock from the inside. Inside there was a little (11″ or so) coin operated TV, alarm clock, a small fan you could turn on, a light, and a mirror. They were more than big enough for me to completely sit up or lay down without feeling cramped at all. In fact, I felt rather secure and comfortable inside! At 2,300 yen per night (roughly $21), it was a GREAT deal if you don’t mind staying in the red light district, right next to and across the the street from sex clubs ^_^;;;;

The capsule hotel is men only. Because it is in the red light/entertainment district (all Japanese cities have these), it has a lot of drunk looking and over partied looking guys in it. It was a little seedy, but nothing in Japan gets as seedy as it does in America so it wasn’t bad at all!

The neighborhood (Japan is really safe, I would feel a little uneasy on a street like this in America, but Japan is REALLY safe)

I didn’t take many photos because there were people sleeping in the capsules which are not that soundproof.

It’s Japan, the “V” thing is rubbing off on me 😛

4 thoughts on “Capsule Hotel Hiroshima

  1. Do you know the name of the area this capsule hotel was located and what the name of this capsule hotel was? I’m planning to visit Hiroshima and after visiting the war memorial and surrounding landmarks, it would be too late to return to Tokyo. So I figured I would stay at a capsule hotel.

    1. It was a number of years ago that I was there. I saw an address on a sign in a photo I took outside of it and it was 広島県広島市中区薬研堀5-20 (5-20 Yagenbori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken, Japan) If I look on Google Maps the neighborhood looks quite different. I’m not certain if that one is there anymore. I recommend just Googling for Capsule Hotel because there are probably several and they are all probably within a reasonable walk of the busy entertainment district, shopping arcade, station, and Peace Park.

      Hope this helps a little. Have fun and good luck!

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