Crossprocessed view from a stupa on a hillside

Crossprocessed view from a stupa on a hillside

There is a white stupa on a hillside that I have wanted to go and check out for 1.5 years now, but have been too lazy to. The other weekend I finally hopped on my scooter and went. I also took my Nikon F601 film SLR loaded with color film which I intented to cross-process.

I shot the film as normal, but then developed the C41 color film in B&W chemicals myself.

When you develop film in the wrong chemicals you often get very interesting (and artistic) results. In this case developing color negative film in B&W chemicals gives a grainy negative B&W image of degraded yet artistically appealing quality.

The negatives are also so incredibly dark that they probably can’t be printed the traditional way and need to be scanned. My strips of film look almost black, yet I was able to get some lovely vintage looking images off of them by scanning. The color comes from the orange base of the film and the unprocessed dye layers in the color film.

This is the view of the town as seen from the hill where the stupa is.

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