Disclaimer, Cookies and Privacy

Disclaimer, Cookies and Privacy

Privacy Policy, Cookies, and Disclaimer

I’m very sad that we live in such a litigious, opportunistic, critical world that I have to include the following information and statements, but we do.  This is just the standard boilerplate stuff to protect myself.


This site is built upon a content management system (CMS), which may use cookies to accomplish some basic functions related to the use and functioning of this web site and its features.  Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a web site and stored on a computer by the web browser.  By visiting this site (www.aluminumstudios.com), and browsing these pages you agree to this.  If you do not agree please navigate away from this site or even better, just set your browser to not accept cookies or get one of the many cookie blocking add-ons out there for various browsers.

Information collection:

As part of it’s (and every other web site’s), operation aluminumstudios.com keeps server logs of pages visited and related metadata for basic statistics.  The site and its owner DO NOT and do not wish to collect personally identifiable information or track anyone.  Any personal information voluntarily submitted when contacting the site (such as name and e-mail address), will not be sold or shared (except as required by law.)  AluminumStudios.com does not track visitors beyond basic server logs and the basic WordPress and Google services that this (and millions of other), sites make use of.  Some third party functions such as embedded YouTube videos, social media share buttons, and the like may perform some analytics as per those service’s terms of service.

Basically I’m a private individual and take no special steps to collect information or track anyone beyond what the technology does automatically as part of its standard operation.


By visiting this web site you agree to be bound by the following terms of service.  You understand and agree that the terms form a legally binding agreement between you aluminumstudios.com, its affiliates and subsidiaries (herein referred to simply as “site”).  Your continued use of the site indicates your understanding and consent.  If you do not consent you must discontinue accessing this site immediately.

You agree to use aluminumstudios.com at your own risk and that all services are provided on an “as-is / as-available” basis without any warranties.  You agree to hold aluminumstudios.com and its affiliates harmless in any and all claims of damages, loss, or offense that may arise from the use of or the existence of the site.

Additionally you agree that if you are offended by any material on the site that you will take no actions against the site nor initiate or participate in actions designed to harm the site or its affiliates.

Intellectual Property and Copyright:

All original material on the site, including but not limited to text, images, video, and sound, is copyright William Milberry.  This extends to original materials which may be hosted outside of aluminumstudios.com and linked to.  None of this material may be sold, edited, reproduced, or hosted elsewhere without the prior written permission.  To request permission please submit a request using the contact form including your contact information and as much information as possible about the media you would like to use, how, and where it will be used.

Occasionally non-original material may be used on this site for education, commentary, or criticism under the U.S. copyright law’s ‘fair use’ provisions.  If you are a copyright owner and believe that your material was posted on this site and has not be used in line with fair use provisions you may contact us via the contact form.  Please specify the URL of the material in question and detail your concerns as thoroughly as possible.