Flirtations with film in Nagasaki

Flirtations with film in Nagasaki

I went to Nagasaki the other weekend to see the Nagasaki Lantern Festival which is an exension of the Chinese New Year celebration held by the city because of it’s Chinese population.

While there I shot some black and white film on my nice, used Nikon F601 that I bought recently.

This is a small print that I scanned on my really cheap flat-bed scanner.  I plan on buying a film scanner soon so I can do high quality scans of my work.  I’ve also ordered the materials needed to develop my own film!  It’s something I’ve been a bit curious about and want to try!

Taken at Matsumori Shrine in Nagasaki.  A priestess (for lack of a better English word), and her mother stand in front of a 1,000 year old tree on the shrine grounds.

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