Freedom …

Freedom …

In my last post I mentioned my 原付 (moped or scooter.) 

I ride a Honda Lead.

The Japanese are obsessed with small, no matter how bloody inconvenient or uncomfortable, so consequently almost all modern scooters/mopeds/原付 are so small that I can’t steer them without my knees constantly hitting the handle bars. I found a really beat up Honda Lead which is a model that was sold about 10 years ago in Japan and it fit met PERFECTLY.  It is sized for a normal man, not a 12 year old like most Japanese bikes are.  I went on a long difficult quest and found one in good condition. There was one in my entire prefecture which I bought! It had apparently spent most of it’s life sitting in a shop since Japanese only want small (no matter how silly an adult man looks with his knees bowing out the side of a scooter that looks like a toy or how dangerous it is to ride that way.)

Despite it’s age, since it was indoors it was in excellent condition and runs GREAT. I LOVE IT. I will be so sad when I leave Japan and have to leave it behind ;_; 

The shop I bought it from is really friendly too and gives me AMAZING service including the ability to come pick up the scooter with a flat-bed truck and take it for service should it break down.

This is actually a snapshot that I took last year while out on a country ride.

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