From my 1955 Ricohflex

From my 1955 Ricohflex

The other week I posted about an amazing find at a flea market – a great condition 1955 Ricohflex camera for only 4,000 yen!  I shot some photos with it and I LOVE it!  It has that old-time look to it.  Only half of the lens elements are coated, so it can offer decent clarity, but at the same time it seems a bit weak on contrast and has some little distortion and vignetting towards the edges.  These are vintage characteristics that I love.

The camera is difficult to use with limited shutter speeds and a rather dim focus screen that offers double images on bright scene elements (some kind of internal reflection), and no filter threads or mounts.  But that is why I love vintage cameras.  It puts responsibility for getting a nice photo squarely into my hands with no electronics or motors or light meters making any decisions for me.  It is PURELY mechanical and up to my skills.

I shot the following photos without a light meter – I just made my best guess.  I shot on Tri-X which itself offers a more classic film look than some of the more modern engineered films.

This is one of the two schools that I teach at.  It is an agricultural school which has many greenhouses and fields (not in view) where students learn to cultivate plants.  Students also learn about landscaping and food preparation.  It is set towards the edge of my town and has a nice view of the hills just to the North.

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