Fuel for the festival

Fuel for the festival

The fuel to keep the 3 day festival going.

This is one of the awesome things about Japan – you can drink in public, lots of people do it, and everyone stays relatively controlled meaning there are few problems and thus little need to restrict it! I in fact was drinking a chuhai I had gotten out of a vending machine when I took this shot!

2 thoughts on “Fuel for the festival

  1. Certainly easy to see when someone is enjoying life, even for the moment: a sake bottle in one hand, and a festival around you XD

    I don’t comment much, but I’ve been following your works silently since your AMV days. Keep up the awesome photography! It certainly makes me miss Japan just that little bit more… :3

  2. Hey WIll,

    I long forgot what your name/website was until today. But I was following you from about 2002 through to the point that you were in full swing and I think finishing up your Japanese study in University. I’m glad you found your way to Japan, many of us dream of the experience, you obviously have a lot more drive than many of us to succeed though. Did you just join a JET (or similar) program and move on from there or did you follow your own path into the education system in Japan?

    By the way that photo is one reason I would like to see Japan with my own eyes, public socialising is definitely different from the west (at least Australia) from everything i’ve ever seen or been told.

    Cheers and good luck mate.

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