I love the city.  Fukuoka is hiding a lot of wonderful photographs which I need to spend more time exploring and finding!

I was in the right place at the right time to catch this wonderful combination of light, shadows, and structure. 

Shot with my vintage TLR on B&W film and self developed.

One thought on “Fukuoka

  1. You know, I had a copy an old (well, I guess it’s digital, so it doesn’t exactly get old) AMV of yours that I’ve had with me through five or six different computers, and finally decided I’d look up your web page to see what else you did. Imagine my total shock when I saw this picture and thought “That looks just like the view from the third floor of Canal City.” And by God, it was! I was the first ALT at Shuyukan High School, in Nishijin (down by Hawk’s Town and the beach). I spent three years there, and loved it. This may sound odd, but I’m really proud that you enjoyed Fukuoka so much. I’ve always considered it a very important “home” but most people don’t give it the chance or credit it deserves, so thank you very much for sharing it with the web! I’ve been impressed with your work all over the site, and I appreciate your use of traditional media. I learned to shoot using a view camera, so I know your pain! Strong backs and weak minds, as the 35mm crowd says. 😉

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