Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsuri

Photos from the Hamasaki Gion Matsuri this past summer (I am REALLY behind on posting!!!)

The different areas of the small town of Hamasaki each build a very tall float which is then pulled through town to a shrine and spun around as prayers are offered.

It is a very festive time and people living there often have big feasts and sometimes invite strangers in apparently (similar to the neighboring town of Karatsu during that town’s big festival.) I was invited into a Japanese guy’s home where they gave me lots of food and wouldn’t stop pouring me beers. They called it their first "international" festival because I was the first "foreigner" (a word the Japanese use WAY to much) guest.

Despite not liking how much the Japanese use the word "foreigner", I had a great time and appreciated the hospitality. My photos suffered a bit from my drinking though -_-;

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