Hong Kong

Hong Kong

I spent a week in Hong Kong over Christmas.  It was WONDERFUL.  The sights and food were amazing, I LOVED IT!  It is one of my favorite places I’ve visited.  I will be posting many photos from it.

Despite being Winter in Japan and my home in the US, Hong Kong was about 24 degrees c. (~74 deg. f).  These photos are a bit dull because it was overcast this day, but it shows a very interesting ride I took!

There is a ridiculously long cable car on Lantau Island that takes you to a mountain on which there is a giant Buddha next to a monastery.  It was really awesome!  The cable car is so long it takes half an hour to reach the destination.  I will post photos of the great Buddha in the next post.  Hong Kong is reasonably priced too with my 2 way tickets for the train from Kowlook to Lantau and the cable car only being around $20 if I recall.  It was a nice break from Japan’s annoying inflated prices!

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