Hugs in Korea

Hugs in Korea

I’ve been pretty lazy about posting my photos from my trip to Pusan, South Korea and Taipei, Taiwan.  I had such an amazing experience and saw so many great things.  I guess instead of posting photos like it was a sight-seeing vacation, I’ve been contemplating and taking in everything I saw and experienced, which was enough to change my views about this world and human interactions (for the better!)

I went to Pusan and Taiwan alone.  I went alone so I could be more approachable by the locals and interct with them more naturally and really experience the places first hand.  Having another English speaker, while fun in most cases, makes you less approachable and somehow keeps you in your own world to a certain extent.  I did meet some friends in Taipei who were also there traveling, but didn’t really spend time with them (sorry guys!)

Below are two girls in Pusan offering free hugs in a crowded shopping and entertainment district.  I made sure to get my free hugs!

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