I don’t believe in ghosts but …

I don’t believe in ghosts but …

I don’t officially believe in ghosts, but be it something in the human psyche or some unexplained phenomenon, occasionally strange things that some might describe as the result of "ghosts" happen to all of us, including me.

I was walking around Matsumori Shrine in Nagasaki when I got a chill.  I had this insanely strong, eerie feeling of being watched and called.  It was the strongest feeling like that I had ever had.  I walked around the main shrine building to fine this little shrine.  My mind went cloudy and I think I stood there staring at it for a good 5 minutes before I realized it.  It was as something terrifying was inside it and wanted my attention. 

I snapped this photo (B&W film) and booked it out of there.

The Japanese believe in ghosts to a considerable degree.  I relayed the story to two Japanese friends who both said without much hesitation that it was probably a ghost.  One said that since so many people died in agony because of the nuclear bomb in Nagasaki, that it has a lot more ghosts that normal.

I still can’t say I believe in ghosts, but it was an interesting experience.  In typical Japanese fashion my one friend said "it’s amazing that a foreigner can have this kind of experience in Japan."

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