(NSFW) – Japanese sex vocabulary

(NSFW) – Japanese sex vocabulary

外国語を勉強する時に、先生や教科書は生きていく中で、自然に使用する重要な言葉は教えられていません。以下はセックスに関する内容です。Image from Japanese sex-ed material

When learning a foreign language your teachers and textbooks leave a huge gaping hole in your knowledge about words relating to an important, natural part of everyone’s life – sex.

I could speak Japanese functionally when I arrived in Japan and after a couple of months I was spending time with a Japanese girl who didn’t speak English.  We started to become intimate and realized that I didn’t know any vocabulary related to such things, especially the casual slang that couples would use in the bedroom.  She was amused by this and wanted to teach me.  I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination but I will say they were lessons that are hard to forget!

So I wanted to share some important but hard to come by vocabulary with you.  This isn’t comprehensive and might even vary by region a bit.

Caution real-world but not safe for work (NSFW) material ahead!  エッチに関する英単は先です。

Japanese sex educationI’ll divide the vocabulary into objects and actions and mark the words with one of four categories1:

proper(適切) – can be used in casual or formal discussion and generally said in public

light slang – casual language in relaxed contexts

slang(スラング) – casual language commonly used between friends and lovers but somewhat inappropriate to say in public

vulgar(不適切) – Crude language, inappropriate in public or around children

1 This is in general based on my study of Japanese and experience in Japan.  Context, region, and other factors may cause others to classify some of these words differently.


English (英語)
Japanese (日本語)
Romanji (ローマ字)
ass ケツ ketsu vulgar
balls 金玉 kintama slang
butt お尻 oshiri light slang
breasts おっぱい oppai light slang
breast/chest mune proper
clitoris 陰核 inkaku proper
clitoris クリトリス kuritorisu slang
condom コンドーム kondo-mu proper
condom ゴム gomu proper
dick ちんちん,ちんぽ chinchin or chinpo slang
“down there” あそこ asoko light slang*
erection 勃起 bokki proper
nipple 乳首 chikubi proper
penis 陰茎 いんけい proper
pre-cum 我慢汁 gaman jiru slang
public hair 陰毛 inmou proper
pussy (US), cunt (UK) マンコ、おマンコ manko or omanko slang
semen 精液 seieki proper
sperm 精子 seishi proper
vagina chitsu proper
tits ぼいん boin vulgar

* This is a commonly used, general purpose word that only becomes slang when used in a sexual context.


English (英語) Japanese (日本語) Romanji (ローマ字) Category
(give a) blow job フェラする fera2 suru vulgar
come いく iku3 slang*
do it エッチする ecchi suru slang
do it やる yaru vulgar*
ejaculate 発射する hassha suru slang*
have sex 性交する seikou suru proper
have sex セックスする sekkusu suru light slang
insert 挿入する sounyuu suru proper
insert 入れる ireru slang*
kiss キスする kisu suru proper
lick 舐める nameru proper*
masturbate 自慰する jii suru proper
masturbate オナニーする onani suru slang
(to be) pregnant 妊娠(している) ninshin (shiteiru) proper
(to get) wet 濡れる nureru proper*

* These are general purpose verbs commonly used in non-sexual contexts.  When used in a sexual context they may viewed as slang or sometimes vulgar.
2 “fera” derives from “felatio”
3 In English we “come” (cum), in Japanese you “go”

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