Karatsu (part 4) – Takashima (高島)

Karatsu (part 4) – Takashima (高島)

There is a small oddly shaped island off the coast of Karatsu.  It’s more like a little hill that sticks out of the tree and is aptly named “Takashima” or which means “Tall Island.”  There are only a few dozen people living on it and a few ferries there and back each day.

One thought on “Karatsu (part 4) – Takashima (高島)

  1. I love these photos, there’s still something nice to be said about that sort of old rural feel, especially from a country where most people’s first reaction is the concrete and steel of Tokyo. That said, I love the black and white in these ones, I’m not normally the biggest fan of black and white photos, but in this case, they really work!

    Thanks for sharing these, it brings back some nice memories of when I was last in Japan, even though I wasn’t necessarily at that specific place, it still is very nostalgic to me. (Now instead of being in Japan, I’m freezing in the wonderful Canadian winter~).

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