Waterfall taken with my new Mamiyaflex TLR

Waterfall taken with my new Mamiyaflex TLR

This is another shot of a waterfall.  I took this while testing out the old Mamiyaflex twin-lens reflex camera that my uncle gave me while visiting the US.  This area is beautiful and it has become a favorite place for me.  I shot this on a tripod with a cable release and a good guess at the exposure as this camera has no light meter and uses no batteries!  I love the sharpness of the lens.

I shot this on Fuji Neopan 400 and developed it in stock D-76.

2 thoughts on “Waterfall taken with my new Mamiyaflex TLR

  1. Kiyomizudera is in Kyoto. This waterfall is located in Kyushu and isn’t related to Kiyomizudera except for the fact that it happens to have the same name.

    I have been to Kiyomizudera in Kyoto but didn’t drink the water.

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