Long time-no infrared!

Long time-no infrared!

I haven’t shot infrared for a while.  I used to really LOVE IR, but then I found myself loosing interest in it.  I think the reason was that I got into film.  Film is so much more fun for me because of so much more hands-on involvement and the fact that I can only develop it once and not re-interpret it over and over until I’m happy with an image.

Despite this, I got the bug to shoot IR today, so I went out on a scooter ride with camera, tripod, and filters in tow.  This is the cemetery and gate of a temple that I pass from time to time shot in 850nm infrared.

While shooting this, an old lady came out of the temple and started talking to me.  At first I thought that she was mad that I was essentially trespassing and taking photos without asking.  But she was nice and told me a little about the history.  Apparently at some point in the past the whole temple burnt down, but the gate in this photo was the only part spared and thus the only original building left.  If this was the U.S.A. the old lady probably would have called the police then screamed at me for trespassing.  Japan tends to be very kind to photographers, in large part because people are responsible and don’t make a mess or trouble for others near as much as in other countries.

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