Medium format film images from Mt. Aso

Medium format film images from Mt. Aso

On my trip to Mt. Aso in Sept., I shot some photos on color film (a rarity for me!) using my vintage Ricohflex.  I finally got around to having it developed.  I don’t develop my own color film since it is a different process from B&W and the frequency with which I would do it and short shelf life doesn’t justify the cost of the chemicals for color film.  I took it to Kitamura Camera who had to send it out since it was medium format and it took 5 days for them to get it back.  I know a friendly older guy with a tiny private print shop just down the street who could have done it in an hour … but I suspect that he does a low volume of business and thus probably can’t afford to/doesn’t keep his chemicals as fresh as they should be.  These pictures were important to me.

As usual I shot with no light meter on my fully manual Ricohflex and I’m quite pleased with the results.  In particular the film really captured what I saw quite well.  I’m wondering if I shouldn’t shoot more color film.  It’s so bloody expensive in Japan though, costing 700 yen ($8.66) per roll just for developing!

I shot Fujifilm 100 ISO negative film (can’t recall which variety, Super G maybe???)

I’ll tell you, the more I use vintage cameras, with their large medium format negatives, the less I want to touch digital cameras with their tiny sensors.

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