Muy Thai in Bangkok

Muy Thai in Bangkok

I have a huge amount of photos that I’ve never posted on-line that I want to share.  So I will start with photos from my trip to Thailand last year.

Last year I went to Bangkok for a week.  It was the most beautiful and interesting place I have ever gone.  It really left a serious impression on me.  I previously posted photos of the temples and palace that I visited.

One of the really cool highlights of the trip was when I bought front row tickets to an evening of Muy Thai matches at a stadium in Bangkok.

Muy Thai (Kickboxing) full of culture.  The fighters pray and do a ceremonial dance around the ring before each match begins.  Their coach also symbolically removes the fighters headbands for them.  I had an amazing chance to capture this in pictures and want to share it as most people probably think of kickboxing as a violent sport and don’t realize the culture and ceremony contained within it.

Despite recent civil unrest in Thailand, do not take it off of your list of places to go.  Bangkok is AMAZING so SO WORTH the trip.  I would definitely choose Bangkok over Tokyo or any other major Asian.  The people are warm and smile, the prices are cheap, and the food is delicious!

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