My bike

My bike

Shortly after I got my first paycheck in Japan I bought a nice bike to get me around.  Buying a bike was a challenge, MANY, MANY Japanese bikes are simply proportioned badly for your typical sized American!  My knees came up too high and almost hit the handle bars on many, and the handle bars couldn’t be raised that much.  I bought one and returned it 1hr later because the pedals were only 7cm off the ground and my toes kept hitting the ground while pedaling and taking turns!!  Also MANY bikes don’t have gears and are what we could consider a "woman’s" bike in the US with a sagging central bar or granny handlebars which bend back towards the rider.  Bikes here in Japan really suck for the most part.  Despite the plethora of $100 bikes, the only ones that fit me comfortably were around $300 on up :-

In the 10th bike shop I visited I finally found a bike that I liked and that fit me.  Strangely, it was made by the company that made my Japanese cel phone!  It’s been OK, but I kept having spokes break because they were too weak!  A serious design flaw.  I got mad at the bike shop and in order to get rid of the angry foreigner they quickly replaced all of the spokes for free with heavier gauge ones at no charge.  It is super-useful to understand the finer points of wielding the Japanese language.  You have no idea how shocked Japanese people are to hear a foreigner speak anything other than the polite Japanese (teineigo – desu/masu) that we learn in textbooks.  I told the shop owner 割り箸はこの自転車より強いだよ!(very bluntly: "Disposable chopsticks are stronger than this bike.") 

I was out shooting a few photos with my girlfriend the other weekend and took these of my bike.  I have put SOOOOOOO many miles on this thing.  It’s taken me EVERYWHERE.

I shot this on a roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 that I bought by accident and LOVED this film.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this film and can’t wait to buy and shoot more.  I developed it myself in D-76 stock.

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