My new old toy

My new old toy

Earlier this year I bought a used 35mm Nikon F601 (N6006 in the West), film camera.  I began shooting B&W but when I found out that I always had to have my film sent out for processing and it took 10 days in the area I was in, I decided to try developing it myself.

I’ve always enjoyed doing things by hand, so I learned about developing film, bought the necessary items (some mail order from the U.S. because I couldn’t find them in my somewhat rural Japanese town), and gave it a try!  The necessary chemicals and accessories were probably less than $100 to get started.

I develop the film in my bathroom, then scan the negatives.  It is a lot of fun and very rewarding.  I have yet to try color film which is a bit more challenging because the chemical have to be kept very warm through the process.

I’ve always loved old cameras, but have been too practical to buy one that I knew I would or could never use.  Now that I develop my own film, I feel very free to buy old cameras and give them a try since I can do the film myself!

This is my new old toy.  It is a Yashica MAT-124 from circa 1970.  It is in excellent working condition and quite a piece of art.  It gets me a lot of looks when I’m out on the street with it.  So far I’ve only shot one roll.  I takes 120 medium format film.  It even has a working light meter!

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