New (old) camera and a monk

New (old) camera and a monk

My girlfriend and I visited the United States for 2 weeks in October. During that time my uncle gave me his old TLR camera that he used in the 1970’s. It is a Mamiyaflex C2 which was actually manufactured between 1958 and 196x. I decided to go out and take some test shots with it.  I went to Kiyomizu Waterfall since it has a Buddhist shrine, many Buddhist statues, and beautiful scenery.   I saw this monk sitting in the shrine and asked him if it was OK to take a photo (in Japanese course.)  He nodded and continued about his business.

I shot this hand-held under really bad lighting conditions. I’m really happy with the performance of this camera and look forward to using it a lot even though it has no light meter!  It is 100% mechanical relying on the photographer’s experience to determine exposure.

Of course I shot this on B&W film and developed it myself. This time I used Fuji Neopan 400 and D76 at stock strength, 20 deg. c. for 7.5 minutes 🙂

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