New toy

New toy

This is my new toy – an Ansco Shur Shot from somewhere between the late 1930’s and the 1940’s (Ansco’s from this time aren’t marked well.)  Ansco changed names and ownership several times winding up as the more well known Agfa.

It shows it’s age but is in overall good condition and works.  You hold the camera at waste level and look down through the magnifying lens on top which has an angled mirror under it which shows you what is in front of the camera.  You turn the camera on it’s side for landscape or upright for 6×9 portrait orientation.  It’s at both an awkward and charming design it shares with the Kodak Brownie box cameras of it’s era.  It has a rotary shutter in front of the single element meniscus lens and a single shutter speed and a single aperture.  The shutter seems to work perfectly.  I shot a role of Fuji Acros 100 and have it hanging up and drying as I write this!

I love old cameras for the history they have seen and experienced.  I’ll wipe of superficial dirt, but I am going to use this camera as-is and not try to "restore" it.  The marks and rust are proof it’s it’s age and durability.


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