Night time shintou shrines

Night time shintou shrines

Nov, 13, 2007: I just had some photos printed at a local camera & print shop and bought a bunch of frames. Their brilliant printing system felt the need to auto-adjust the brightness and colors of some of my photos (some of which were infrared) and failed miserably thusly making my prints much darker than they should have been. If this were America I would have politely asked them to reprint them at THEIR cost because I did not ask them to alter my photos. But being Japan and not having the vocabulary to accurately make that request I simply explained that I want these prints without any auto adjustment and paid for new prints.

Unrelated photo: I was hit by inspiration spontaneously the other night so I jumped on my bike and headed out of town. I rode down a dark, lonely road, then on a tiny path through a scary pitch black rice field, past a grave yard, through some alleyways to arrive at my favorite 500 year old Shinto shrine to take some night photos. None of them came out quite how I wanted, and I was frustrated by modern unavoidable objects that made it into my photos. I’ll have to go back and try again sometime. I’ll also have to spend some good time doing something I don’t like to do to my photos – Photoshop’ing them to remove the distracting items. I just want photos of the shrine as you would have seen it 500 years ago … (well, maybe with some sodium lighting at night) By the way, the bike on the left side of the image is mine 😉 It’s my Panasonic Easyrider. I’m amused at how Panasonic made both my cel phone and my bike 🙂

This was taken from within a Buddhist shrine that holds a large wooden Bodhisattva on the grounds of the Shinto temple. Because Japan is a safe country with very little crime or vandalism, temples that are hundreds of years old can stay wide open 24/7 and you can pretty freely enter them. This could NEVER been the case in America!

5 thoughts on “Night time shintou shrines

  1. It’s real pleasure for me look at your work of art. I want make wallpaper and use one of your work. Can you give me a favor – and send the original of fist picture (from top), of course it be only for my eyes.

  2. Thanks. I’m happy you like my photos. I’m afraid however that I never give out originals of my work except when companies or groups have licensed or purchased them from me.

    -Will Milberry

  3. I’m afraid not. There are many dishonest organizations who would not pay for photos if they could obtain full quality copies for free. Because of that I will not give out the originals. Sorry.

  4. Of course I understand if is part of your job, and it’s you way to make a living.
    I wish you to make a lot of new and interesting works.

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