Photo galleries

Photo galleries

Black & White Portfolio

A portfolio of my black and white work

Hina Doll Festival (雛祭り)

The Hina Doll Festival (aka Girl's Day) happens on March 3rd.  The Japanese put out decorative traditional dolls and pray for the health and well-being of girls in their families.


Photos taken with the near-infrared portion of the spectrum to reveal a very different looking and ghostly world.

Japanese festivals (祭り)

There are many unique festivals throughout the year in each town in Japan.  Many are linked to local customs or shrines.  Unlike simple parades in the U.S. there is often a strong feeling of community and involvement as you can get up close to the action and often participate.

Japanese streets on film

The streets of Japanese rural towns as well as cities hold infinite fascination for me and I love wondering them with film cameras (both 35mm and vintage TLR), and capturing moments and scenes then developing the film myself to have a hand in cementing my own memories of the place.

Japanese taiko drum

A performance the of the taiko group Shakuma at the Yoshinogari Fire Festival in Saga Prefecture, Japan.

Outdoors and Nature

A variety of beautiful things found outdoors and in nature.

Sleepy seaside town

On an overcast day I set out with my 35mm film camera and a friend to explore a small seaside town and take a ferry out to a small populated island.