Sayonara Michael … ;_;

Sayonara Michael … ;_;

You were one of the most original, creative, unique entertainers that this world has ever or will ever see.

Sadly the more amazing you are in this world the more shit people give you.  People can criticize your looks and call you a molester (even though you were found innocent and you must be extra skeptical of accusers who stand to gain a LOT with their accusations.)  But none of that can overshadow the fact that Michael gave more to this world than almost anyone.  I grew up with him, and even now that I live on the other side of this planet I still sing his songs along side Japanese people at karaoke who know him just as well as I do.

It’s ironic that just this past Monday my 7th graders watched a video about the making of “We Are the World” a project that Michael played a significant role in.

I will definitely do a lesson about Michael Jackson to ensure that my students, who grew up after his era, understand his great contributions and don’t just see the distorted images that the media loved to paint.

I’ll miss you man … お疲れさまでした。さようならポップの王様。

William Milberry

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