Shinto shrine in infrared

Shinto shrine in infrared

I haven’t shot infrared in over 4 months.  I had half a day off on Wed., so I dusted off my 850nm infrared filter and headed off to a little shrine that I’ve become fond of recently.

I didn’t get any stellar photos, but then again I wasn’t trying THAT hard.

You’ll notice it is December and how many leaves the trees still have …  Part of it is just Kyuushuu Japan and part of it is global warming.

The tree to the left of this photo is 1,000 years old.  The shrine is straight ahead through the torii and beyond the gate.  The tree is documented protected, and considered a treasure of the city.  It’s trunk is huge, bent over, and cracked in half.  It’s awesome to see such an old living thing, but I couldn’t figure out how to reflect that in a photo so that will have to wait.

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