Every town in Japan has a drinking street lined with “snack” bars. Snack bars can either be populated by cute, gaudily dressed young girls who dote over beat down salary men who come in with their friends or coworkers to drink, or they can be more laid back little places run by a pleasant middle aged woman with a little karaoke machine as a place to unwind and drink. Often they have a set price per hour per person which sometimes includes finger foods and all you can drink from a set menu.

In the side alleys off of the main drinking street you find these tiny little snack bars. It’s rather sad because of the poor economy and shift towards shopping malls from shopping streets and covered shopping arcades in the past few decades, you find these dilapidated old streets of long out-of-business shops from a past era with a few remaining establishments existing here and there.

(Kodak Tri-X developed in Caffenol-C)

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