Spiders from hell

Spiders from hell

Previously I’ve made references to the "piano wire spinning spiders from hell." 

When I first moved to Kyushu, I couldn’t believe these spiders.  They are huge, and they spin these webs with support wires that run across streets, or from power lines down to trees and the ground.  I am not exaggerating, when I say I’ve seen web support lines that were over 4 meters long!  When you walk into one, it feels like piano wire because they are so taught and so strong.  These spiders freaked me out!

After seeing the large numbers of them that show up in late Summer and Fall, I began to get used to them.  They mind their own business and never show up around buildings, bikes, etc.  They like to stay in the trees and away from people.  So I came to peace with these, the most freaky spiders I had seen until now.

Then while taking photos of the abandoned shrine in my previous post, I saw this mother f**ker!

I pushed the shrine doors open a few inches to let some more light in and saw this thing fall out from under one of the doors.  It is the BIGGEST wild spider I have ever seen in my life.  I apologize for the quality of the photo, I couldn’t bear to get any closer and only had my digital point-n-shoot in addition to my TLR (who’s frames were reserved for the shrine.)

This thing was tarantula sized, it would have filled up the palm of my hand.  It was so big that it freaking has red-eye (the bright spot on it’s head) from my camera flash!

I wanted to scream and run like a little girl when I saw this.  I bravely kept shooting as this monster scurried off to somewhere.  But now that I know things like this live in those woods, I don’t know if I will go back to shoot this shrine again, nor venture inside like I wanted to …

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  1. I lived in an ancient juutaku that was torn down the year I left, but one thing I will already remember is stumbling home after an enkai, passing out on the bed, and waking up in the middle of the night with the lights on. I lifted my head and on the wall right next to my face, about a foot away, was one of these spiders. I was so drunk all I could do was stare at it and say “That’s a big f’n spider” and pass out. Never saw him again. Japan has some of the meanest looking multilegs ever.

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