TLR family history

TLR family history

On my recent visit to the US, my uncle gave me an old Mamiyaflex TLR that had been sitting in his house for decades unused.  He knew that I was interested in TLRs and had been using an old Yashica TLR.

On that same trip while looking through an old family album, I found a photo of my uncle and mom and that very camera. The photo was from 1977. I would have been one year old at the time the photo was taken (I’m not in the photo.)

I have been curious about the history of my old Yashica and who might have used it and what it had seen. It’s really cool to discover a piece of the history of my new (old) Mamiyaflex TLR!  I need to ask my uncle more about this camera since it was manufactured between 1958-1962’ish … long before this photo was taken.  I wonder if he didn’t buy it used.

The B&W photos I have been posting recently have been taken with this camera.

The Mamiyaflex TLR as my uncle gave it to me (2008)

My mother holding my uncle’s (to her left) old Mamiyaflex (1977)

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