Trip to Hiroshima

Trip to Hiroshima

Nov, 28, 2007:

I spent Thanksgiving weekend (which happens to be a holiday in Japan too!) in Hiroshima 「広島」! It is an absolutely beautiful city, one of my favorite cities I’ve been to. I did many uniquely Japanese things like ride the shinkansen (bullet train) at 285 km/hr, stay in a capsule hotel, visit Peace Park where the nuclear bomb was dropped, visit the nuclear bomb museum, meet a beatiful Japanese girl who I drank and danced with until the wee hours of the morning, and stayed at a love hotel (something unique to Japan!)

Below is a panorama of a shopping district near Peace Park. The left covered street comes out at Peace Park 「平和公園」.

5 thoughts on “Trip to Hiroshima

  1. Beautiful Japanese girls, drinking and dancing, and a love hotel you say? Sure you don’t want to come back to Pitt? 😉
    Or Hanover…lawl.

  2. So right now I’m updating the QiP tables for the DBMI subnets and I found your send mail server… Very cute. =)

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